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IPokerSkins.com is a site dedicated to bringing you all the necessary information on the various iPoker skins that together combine to form the world's biggest online poker network. At one point in time there were more than 70 different sites that made up the network. However, the network has cut the number of skins, particularly smaller sites who they deemed to be of little value to the network as a whole. The result has brought the number of iPoker sites down to just 30, many of which are household names in the gambling industry.

Although each skin shares the same player pools, choosing the correct skin is a very important decision due to varying sign up bonuses, customer service and reliability. Below this section I've laid out the sites I believe are the top 10 on the network. These ratings are based on safety, security, bonuses, cashout speed and customer support.

iPoker Skins

Most online poker rooms don’t have enough players to keep the poker games constantly running. That’s why a lot of those rooms team up and form a poker network. The biggest poker network in the world is the iPoker Network. All poker sites (or ‘skins’) on the iPoker network use the same software, offer exactly the same games and share the same player base.

Up until 2012 there were almost 70 iPoker skins that were connected to the iPoker Network, like the well known iPoker Skin Titan Poker, and rooms like Paddy Power Poker. Since that time, a number of skins have gone out of business, shut up shop or left the network for greener pastures, condensing the network down to a collection of 20 or so sites. Since the games on these iPoker Skins are exactly the same, there is only one thing that matters when you are choosing a room: which room rewards you the most for your play.

The best iPoker Skin for you might not be the best for other poker players. It depends on your playing style which ipoker skin fits your profile. Some players may be more suited to moving from room to room in order to find and clear bonuses, although this has risks attached.

After we’ve studied the bonuses and loyalty programs of all iPoker skins, one ipoker site stood out from the crowd:Titan Poker.