Betfred Poker Review

Rating: 7
Betfred Poker Review
A solid option for sports betting fans

Betfred is an established gambling company in the United Kingdom that offers social poker leagues for both UK and worldwide players.

I would recommend Betfred as an attractive option for players looking for a new skin on the iPoker network due to the abundance of games and leagues that are linked with live games. There is also a great first deposit option, 30% rakeback and rewards through the loyalty system.

  • A Reputable Company With A Long History
  • Great Deposit Bonus For New Players
  • Loyalty System Rewarding All Players
  • Decent Skin Only Games Available


Betfred Poker

Betfred was established in 1967 by Fred and Peter Done in Salford, England. It has since grown from that one shop in Ordsall to more than 1,350 betting shops on high streets across the UK. is regulated and operated out of Gibraltar. It is owned by a company by the name of Petfre located there. Maintaining the ethos and values of Fred Done’s Betfred brand is of paramount importance to them.

As with most bookmakers, Betfred are a prominent sponsor in the sporting industry, specifically in the United Kingdom. Along with being the official betting partner of Premier League football side Tottenham Hotspur, they are the official betting partner of Wembley, England’s national stadium. Betfred operate betting booths on site at all England and Football Association matches. Betfred are also the main sponsor of three greyhound tracks in the UK, as well as regular sponsors of horse racing.

In July 2011, Betfred bought the Tote from the UK Government. Now branded as totesport this means that they are the only company allowed to offer pool betting in horse racing. An example of this popular type of betting is the Scoop6, which involves picking the winner of 6 races to scoop a jackpot. It attracts many punters with the dream of a big score for a modest bet.

With regards to poker, Betfred are a real grassroots UK company. They offer social leagues for both UK and Worldwide players. These are £1 tournaments every night with a final on the last day of the month for the lucky qualifiers. They also run a popular Pub Poker League across the UK.

Software / Colour Scheme / User interface

Betfred, in my opinion, is not one of the nicer designed iPoker rooms out there from a visual aspect. I understand that the bookmakers want to get their branding across but I think Betfred have overdone it a little with their strong uses of blue and especially the bright shade of green in the lobby. They are just a bit of an eye sore when you are looking at a computer screen for numerous hours while playing a poker session.

The table theme isn’t too bad in comparison to the lobby. The blue table, including a heavily imposed Betfred logo, is sat on a nice wooden floor style background. The action buttons have a blue steel look about them and are a bit on the bright side. Stack sizes and player names are easy identifiable so the software doesn’t cause any problems in that regard.

As Betfred use the iPoker Playtech software, players have full use of all the features that come with that. These include custom bet size buttons and decks, auto center to remember your seat and of course auto top-up for cash game players. You have full access to all of the different games offered by the iPoker network through Betfred, including speed poker and twister sngs.

Mobile Option

Betfred are one of the few iPoker skins to offer a mobile client. Unfortunately for the moment it is not available on android and just available on iPhone and iPad. The games offered on the mobile app are speed poker and normal cash games. This is a perfect option if you want to get a few quick hands in while waiting for a bus or get your meal paid for while waiting outside a restaurant for that friend that never shows up on time!

Skin specific bonus information

New players to BetFred will be offered a very generous bonus of 200% up to €1,500 or £600. This is as large an amount as you will generally be offered on the iPoker Network. Of course though it’s not necessarily as good as it seems. Players are just given thirty days to clear the bonus. As a result it is extremely unlikely for people to realise the full amount of the offer.

The offer is released in increments of €5 or £5. While completing this bonus offer, players are essentially getting a 20% rakeback. For players using the Euro currency they need to pay €7,500 in rake in 30 days to clear the full amount. For players using the GBP currency they will need to pay £6,000 in rake to clear it.

To activate this offer players need to remember to go to ‘Live Help’ and paste ‘POKERWELCOMEBONUS1200/1500’ to one of the chat agents. In comparison to what else is available, the amount of this offer stacks up very well. However, it is almost impossible to clear the full amount and there a better returns to be had elsewhere.

Skin specific loyalty info

Betfred maintain that simplicity and cold hard cash are the main focuses of their VIP club. Still we have done the work for you to find out how rewarding it is. As with a lot of these clubs there are two different types of points. The base points are known as VIP points. The amount of VIP points you earn in a calendar month determines which level of the system you earn. The level you acheive will determing your multiplier for the second type of points - Award Points (AP).

Beginner - This is the entry level of club. At this level you don't receive any Award Point multiplier. At this level you are earning a 5% rakeback.

Amateur - This is the second level of the club. 120 VIP points are required to earn this status. Just €5 in rake per month is required for this level. Your rakeback percentage at this level is bumped up to 7.5%.

Regular - This is the third level of the club. 480 VIP points is the treshold to become a regular. This equates to paying €20. At this level you will earn a 10% rakeback.

Grinder - The fourth level is where you become a grinder. Grinder's need to earn 1,200 VIP points per month. €50 is the equivalent in rake you will need to pay. Your rakeback is now 15%.

Master - We are now entering the tougher levels of the system. 2,400 VIP points or €100 in rake is the requirement to become a Master. You will be rewareded nicely here with a 20% rakeback.

Grandmaster - Level six is otherwise known as Grandmaster. €200 in rake or 4,800 VIP points is now the requirement. Your 5x Award Point multiplier here will allow you to earn a 25% rakeback.

Legend - The top of the monthly tiers is the Legend status. 12,000 VIP points or €500 in rake per month is required to be a Legend. The 6x Award Point multiplier will give you a massive 30% rakeback.

Elite - This status is based on a year's worth of play. The yearly requirement is 360,000 VIP points. This equates to paying €15,000 in rake per year. Committing yourself to such volume and time with the site, you are heavily rewarded with a 37.5% rakeback.

Skin specific games

Betfred really excel in this category. Their skin specific games include the Pub Poker League, Betfred Poker Nights, Betfred Super Leagues and the Betfred Twister League.

Betfred Poker Nights involve a different game every night. Monday night is a Megastack freezeout game. It has a £22 buy in with £500 guaranteed. Tuesday is a £5 Omaha game with £50 guaranteed. Wednesday is ‘beat the manager’ night. This is a freeroll for amateur players and above. There is a prizepool of £200 with a £100 designated bounty on one player. Thursday night is the Silver Fox League, which is only open to player’s over 40 consisting of £10 freezeout games culminating in a freeroll final after 8 weeks. Friday Fight Night is an $11 freezout with half the buy in going as a bounty on each player. Saturday night is the fast paced Up the Ante game with a £5.50 buy in. Finally on Sunday they offer a turbo £11 game. All of the above games start at 8 pm GMT.

The rest of the Betfred-only games are league formats. They are heavily involved in the grassroots UK scene and offer the players from their pub leagues a cheap alternative when playing online, such as the nightly £1 league.

Depositing / Withdrawing Info

To get your bankroll on or off Betfred you have numerous options available to you. Credit/Debit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, UKash, PayPal and Bank transfers are all accepted. A minimum transaction amount of €10 is the norm for each, except for a €7 minimum on Credit/Debit cards and €6 minimum for uKash.

Site Safety / Security / Reputation in Forums

Overall it seems that Betfred have a pretty good reputation around the internet. Having researched the company online I only came across one issue regarding their casino, which was quickly responded to by a member of their team and it appeared the player was actually at fault.

Given that Betfred are a rising bookmaker a lot of their profits will come from other sources than poker, but you can rest assured that they would not risk any issues with their poker skin as this would harm the company as a whole. In fact they are doing great work in promoting the game and drawing in new customers to the market.

From a security standpoint Betfred set out to comply with all kinds of gambling laws, including the UK Gambling act as well as the Gibraltar Gambling Act 2005. They are licenced by the Gibraltar gaming commission. They display their Gamcare badge on their website. This shows they are aware that people may have gambling issues and are looking to help them as best they can.

Being part of the iPoker network means you are relatively safe with the software you are using. All of the other skins will also be working to stamp out any collusion in the games which allows the games to keep their integrity. A true random number generator is used by the Playtech software.

Customer Support

Betfred have support available round the clock. They are available from the usual methods – Telephone, email and live chat. I have had extremely positive experiences with their support and their response time is up there with the best.

Unfortunately as I say with every other iPoker skin, any problems with the software itself need to be forwarded to iPoker, so those issues can have a longer response time, but it is usually through no fault of the Betfred agents themselves.


Betfred is definitely an attractive option for players looking for a new skin on the iPoker network. I would recommend it in particular for players of the United Kingdom. They offer an abundance of games and leagues that are linked with live games and you will have your Betfred sportsbook account linked with your poker account also.

The attraction is also there for players outside of the UK. The first deposit option is great giving players a 30% rakeback. As well as that with their quarterly loyalty system, if you are a grinder you can reap some great rewards for your efforts on the tables.

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