Blackbelt Poker Review

Rating: 9
Blackbelt Poker Review
An awesome site with a fresh business model

About BlackBelt Poker: Black Belt Poker is a poker community with user groups, articles and blogs, which also operates an online Pokerroom. They continue to organize live poker tournaments as well, usually in the London, United Kingdom area. Black Belt Poker also offers a reward system to their players, who can climb up from the white trough orange and green to earn a black belt.

  • Provide free coaching for players of all levels.
  • High volume players can get sponsored by the site.
  • Learn from some of the world's best online poker players.
  • Active community that helps players to improve their game.


Blackbelt Poker

Using Staking to Grow

Blackbelt is run by one of England's most famous professional poker players - Neil Channing - who is also one of the most decorated and successful poker players in Europe with almost 3 million dollars in live tournament cashes. The site operates a unique model, offering coaching and staking to players, as well as various other interactive training features that are implemented in order to help players get better at poker and in turn, move up to play higher stakes. The training materials range from online videos right through to one on one coaching with one of the BlackBelt Poker pro players.

BlackBelt Poker VIP Program

The Blackbelt Poker VIP program works using a belt system like in martial arts. Brand new players are assigned a "white belt" level and work their way up through the various belts until they reach the top rung in the system or "black belt" level. As with all iPoker skins, higher VIP levels comes with higher rewards. As well as earning more money back, moving up through the belts gives you access to more in depth training materials, better coaches, as well as a host of other goodies such as free poker software and free subscriptions to other online poker training sites. Furthermore, reaching higher levels also unlocks certain items in the BlackBeltPoker store, giving you the option to use your points to buy any number of awesome rewards.