Chocolate Poker Review

About Chocolate Poker: ChocolatePoker was founded in 2009 and focuses on players from Eastern European countries like Romania and Hungary. The poker room sponsors celebrities from these countries, including the model Gyongyi Papai, and poker pro Peter Traply, who took down the 5K No Limit Shootout Event during the 2009 World Series of Poker. Chocolate Poker is hosting a special promotion called Prison Rake for those who never leave the house: play poker on their website every day of a calender year – except 15 ‘free’ days – and you will receive up to 4,000 dollars in bonuses.

Chocolate poker alternatives?

Several pokerrooms on the network offer a better loyalty program to their players. is a great Chocolate poker alternative, but check out the poker sites on the left side of this website as well!

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Welcome Bonus at Chocolate Poker

If you are looking for a delicious deposit bonus, you will find it at Chocolate Poker. Offering new players a 110% sign-up bonus up to $600, the bonus is paid out in $5 increments based on the accumulation of Frequent Player Points (FPPs). Player points are earned by playing at both cash money ring games, as well as tournaments. Chocolate Poker players earn 7 FPPs for every $1 paid in tourney buy-in fees. In cash games, 1 FPP is tallied to your account for every $1 in rake. Chocolate Poker calculates FPPs down to the penny. For instance, if a raked pot in which you partipated totals $1.75, then you will be awarded 1.75 FPPs.

Chocolate Poker’s deposit bonus is good for 90 days, meaning you have about three months to clear the bonus by racking up the FPPs. The $5 incremented payouts are deposited directly into your account for every 83.33 FPPs that you accumulate. So if you make a first deposit of $546 to take advantage of the full 110% deposit bonus up to $600, you will need to earn 10,000 FPPs to clear the entire $600 bonus. That would be 10,000 dealt hands in which the raked pot is $1, or 5,000 hands at a $2 rake. As you can see, the time it will take to clear the deposit bonus is dependent upon the table stakes in which you play. But 90 days is a generous amount of time to earn the complete bonus. You merely have to play in 112 hands each of the 90 days in which the rake is at least $1 to increase your bankroll by $600! So if you happen to be a relatively tight player who plays about 20% of the hands dealt to you, then you will clear the $600 bonus at a table averaging a $1 rake in 560 hands in each of the 90 days. That’s not difficult to do even for casual poker players!

New depositors at Chocolate Poker also receive a ticket which allows entry into a $500 New Depositor Freeroll. And don’t worry about clearing your bonus and being without any bonuses to play for, as Chocolate Poker also runs reload bonus promotions from time to time for the site’s loyal players.

One important thing to note is the Chocolate Poker signup bonus is alot smaller than most other iPoker skins. As it clears at the same rate or slower than our top rated sites, we recommend forgetting about Chocolate Poker until you’ve cleared the top 10 iPoker bonuses listed on the front page of

Chocolate Poker Loyalty Program

Chocolate Poker features a unique loyalty reward program that consists of gold chips, gold stacks and gold cards. As you rack up the FPPs by just playing poker, you are also earning Gold Chips in your own personal Gold Chip Meter. You can easily follow your progress of earning Gold Chips by going to the “Rewards” tab and clicking on “Gold Chips.” The first Gold Chip is acquired at 120 FPPs and the amount needed to acquire subsequent Gold Chips is reduced. For instance, your second Gold Chip is obtained at 115 FPPs and the third requires only 105. At 90 and then 70 FPPs, you’ll earn your fourth and fifth Gold Chips. Chocolate Poker rewards its Gold Chip earners by giving your sixth Gold Chip for free!

As you are earning Gold Chips, the chips are stacking up into Gold Stacks. Completing stacks translates into instant cash bonuses and prizes in the Chocolate Poker loyalty program. Just as playing at a poker table, the more Chip Stacks you build, the greater your poker bonus rewards will be! Each time you complete a Stack, you win a prize. As you continue building stacks and advancing through 50 Gold Stack levels, you’ll receive more cash! At the ultimate level 50, you’ll have earned more than $200,000 in cash!

The beauty of the Chocolate Poker reward system is that Gold Stacks have no expiration date. You can take your sweet time building stacks or do it quickly. But, of course, the faster you complete a Gold Stack, the better your rewards will be! Every time you finish building a Gold Stack, the clock begins anew toward your next stack. If you happen to be a hotshot player who builds stacks quickly, you can take advantage of Chocolate Poker’s speed stacking format, which pays out higher rewards for completing a Gold Stack in super turbo time, which is within 3 days, or turbo time, which requires completion of a Gold Stack in 4 to 6 days.

There are 50 Gold Stack levels to advance through. And don’t worry about falling back or not maintaing your level. Once you make it to a Gold Stack level, the only way to drop a level is by failing to earn at least three Gold Chips in two back-to-back months. Players who have achieved levels 1 through 10 won’t lose a level, while players in level 11 and higher would be moved back to level 10.

Chocolate Poker also is pleased to randomly award Gold Cards to players at real money ring games tables. Gold Cards can be used as buy-in bonuses to exclusive tournaments and can also be traded for cash to other poker players. A Gold Card is released to a random player whenever the table reaches a pre-determined rake amount. The Gold Cards each have a specific value, just like a regular deck of playing cards. Once you obtain a Gold Card, simply check the odds of receiving and the value of the card in the Gold Card Odds chart.

Gold Cards can be bought and sold in The Exchange, a players marketplace that allows loyal Chocolate Poker players to buy and sell rewards. If you’re missing a particular Gold Card to enter a Gold Card Tournament, look in The Exchange and barter with other players. Its fun!

Chocolate Poker – A Solid iPoker Skin

Featuring a yummy deposit bonus of 110% up to $600 that allows a generous 90 days to clear and periodic reload bonuses offered to its loyal players, Chocolate Poker is a solid ipoker site that you should consider after clearing the bigger bonuses at rival sites.

With a loyalty program featuring Gold Chips that are piled up into Gold Stacks that reward players with cash bonuses and prizes dependent upon your playing time at the poker site, Chocolate Poker shows that it really cares about its loyal customers and rewards them accordingly.

A final word of warning about Chocolate Poker is that unlike many of the top iPoker skins, Chocolate Poker is a smaller operation that does not have the backing of a big sprotsbook and casino. While we’ve never heard any complaints about cashouts and withdrawals, we generally feel much safer playing at a poker site where the parent company has a long history in the business as well as having large liquidity that comes from the other parts of their gambling operation.