Dracula Poker Review – A Site To Avoid

About Dracula Poker: Dracula Poker – or Dracula Holdem – is a professional iPoker skin, that is mainly marketed to Romanian poker players. That is why the room is named after the famous former ruler of Transylvania and Romanian hero Dracula. Dracula Poker is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which requires its gaming operators to be hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies, located within the Mohawk Territory in Quebec, Canada. Kahnawake licenses more than 50 gaming operators who run approximately 250 gambling websites.

Because of this, players in certain European countries such as Denmark and Sweden must pay tax on any winnings they earn when playing at Dracula Poker. Tax exemption only applies to those who play at sites that are EU licensed and whose servers are physically located in the European Union.

Dracula Poker Deposit Bonus

Dracula Poker’s sign-up bonus is not one of the better offers in the online poker industry or on the iPoker Network. A first-time deposit will reward you with two tokens to the $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll. But the cash bonus, at 100% up to $500, pales in comparison to other poker rooms that are offering 200% bonuses up to $2,000. The bonus expiration, though, is three months, so you have plenty of time to work your way through the $500 deposit bonus. To clear the bonus, you are required to earn Dracula Poker points, which are awarded to you based on the rake taken per hand in which you have posted a blind or placed a bet. The following table shows the Dracula Poker points awarded for each ring game hand.

Rake Per Hand Points Awarded
$0.01 – $0.24 0.3
$0.25 – $0.50 1.7
$0.51 – $0.75 2.5
$0.76 – $1.00 3.5
$1.01 – $1.25 5
$1.26 – $1.50 6.75
$1.51 – $1.75 8.5
$1.76 – $2.00 10.25
$2.01 – $2.25 12
$2.26 – $2.50 13.5
$2.51 – $2.75 15.5
$2.76 – $3.00 17
$3.01 – $5.00 24

You are also credited with points for tournament play at the rate of 17 points for each $1 in fees. For example, in a tourney with a buy-in listed at $10 + $1, the fee is $1 and would award you 17 Dracula points for participating. Your bonus will be released to your account in increments of $5 for every 600 points earned. This means for a tournament or SnG player on Dracula Poker, you will need to pay $3530 in tournament fees in order to clear the bonus. This works out at around 14% rakeback equivalent, which to be frank is one of the stingiest deals in the whole of internet poker, let alone the iPoker network.

For cash game players, a look at the table will show that if you happen to play at low limit stakes where the average rake is less than a quarter of a dollar per hand, you will earn 0.3 Dracula points for each hand in which a rake was taken and you contributed to the pot via a blind or bet.

Needing 60,000 total Dracula points to clear the relatively small bonus of $500, it would take 200,000 hands in which Dracula raked your wagered money to conclude the clearing of the entire $500 bonus. As with the tournament clearance rate, this is an absolutely terrible deal for the player. It would be hard to find a skin on the iPoker network that offers a worse bonus deal for players. In general cashback equivalents amount to 30-40% when clearing a bonus, so Dracula Poker’s 14% or worse, is a deal you should be certain to avoid.

Club Dracula Poker

The VIP benefits at Dracula Poker are tiered into six levels. New players are branded as Knights and will advance to the level of Baron at 2,000 monthly Dracula points, a Count at 6,000 points, Duke status is achieved at 12,500 average monthly points, a Prince at 25,000, and the ultimate King level at 60,000 Dracula points. Dracula Poker rewards its upper-tiered players by dishing out a monthly cash bonus based on your previous month’s point totals. Payable directly to your account at the beginning of the month, Counts and Dukes receive $10 and $20 respectively, while a Prince will earn a $50 bonus and a King Dracula player is rewarded with $100.

In weekly $1,000 and monthly $5,000 VIP freerolls offered at Dracula Poker, Knights and Barons are excluded from participating and benefiting, the same as they are in the monthly cash bonuses. Counts, Dukes, Princes and Kings can enter the said freerolls, except for Counts, who are excluded from the monthly VIP freeroll, but are eligible for the $1,000 weekly VIP freeroll.

Dracula Poker offers a unique Double Challenge tournament promotion that features a progressive jackpot in the thousands of dollars for the winner of two low-stake selected tournaments in the same day. A fun promotion to try, but seriously, it’s hard enough to win one tournament, let alone two in the same day. With a somewhat low deposit bonus at 100% up to $500 and the lack of bells and whistles that some of the other poker rooms offer to players, Dracula Poker does not make the list as one of our top choices, unfortunately.

Overall Thoughts On Dracula Poker

Dracula Poker offers few perks to new players. Their bonuses are smaller and clear slower than every other ipoker skin. Their loyalty rewards system is equally poor.

Dracula Poker is an apt name for the site, as the bonuses and VIP deals on offer are ones you should be very afraid of. The only bite at this iPoker skin is the major one it will take out of your bankroll. ipokerskins.com suggestion: Avoid!