Coral Poker Review

Rating: 9
Coral Poker Review
100% up to £1200 Bonus

Coral is one of the oldest gambling companies in the UK and Europe and has been in the business for almost 100 years. It is known for being hugely safe and reputable and offers a full range of gambling products as well as its popular poker site.

With top bonuses, generous promotions and 100% safety and reliability, Coral is without a doubt one of my top five iPoker skins.

  • One of the biggest gambling companies in Europe.
  • Huge range of cash games and tournaments.
  • Cashouts processed within 6 hours.
  • Excellent security for both your money and your peace of mind.


About Coral

Coral has held a bookmaking presence on the high streets since 1926 and it decided to dip its toes into the world of online gambling in 1999. It began on the Party Poker network but in 2005 moved to the Ongame network.

Coral remained with Ongame for a number of years before moving to the iPoker network in October 2012. One of the main reasons for the move was the decline in the Ongame player base, coupled with the rise in iPoker's. Coral now has larger tournament guarantees, Quickseat selection options, late tournament registration and Speed Poker.

As well as poker, Coral offers an extensive range of gaming products, including Sports Betting, Bingo, Online Casino, Online Games, Lotto, Mobile and more.
Coral is operated by Gala Interactive, licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. It regularly sponsor sporting events, the most famous being the Coral Cup which has been run annually during the Cheltenham Festival since 1993.

Coral Poker Interface

Coral poker uses iPoker's Playtech software. It's a smooth and fast paced engine that can easily handle the 16 tables that you're allowed open at the same time. There's a handy tile/cascade button which allows the software to automatically resize and reposition your tables for you. The 16 tables fit relatively comfortable on a 17" laptop, though the tables do look quite small when you're playing a lot. I've found 4-6 tables to be optimal when using the auto resize function.

Coral's poker software uses the same colour scheme as it uses for its betting shops. It's a melody of blues, but it's not too imposing and is easy on the eye. You have a choice of 75 avatars which are all either headshots or flags. You can't use a custom avatar at the moment but you can also choose to turn them off. You can also customise the backs of the cards using the four options available to you as well as opting for a four-colour deck, which is a must if multi-tabling on this software.

Coral also offers an 'instant play' option to play in your browser. This can be quite handy if you quickly need to log into the site to register for an upcoming game or check something if you're not on your own laptop.

Deposit/Withdrawal/Security Options

As Coral is one of the oldest UK gambling companies, your money is extremely safe. Depositing couldn't be easier and Coral offers almost every option available, including Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard along with all manner of E-Wallets including Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. It also takes voucher payments such as Ukash and Paysafe.

All minimum deposits are £5, which is definitely on the lower scale when compared to other poker sites. As with most bookies/poker sites, you can also lodge and withdraw in the local betting shop and move your money around online between the two.

The only issue with withdrawing is that you cannot withdraw to a method which has not been used to deposit, so if you're planning to use Neteller and Skrill for withdrawal purposes be sure to deposit using both so you won't be disappointed.

Withdrawals to debit/credit cards take 2-5 working days, while withdrawals to ewallets are credited instantly once they are processed by Coral. In my experience, I've never waited longer than six hours to receive payment from Coral using Neteller and Skrill. It also offers Bank Transfer as a way of cashing out, which takes 3-5 working days. There is no charge on cashouts and the minimum withdrawal amount is £5.

A Highly Trafficked Site

In the 12 months since Coral moved from Ongame to iPoker, it has averaged over 8,300 players daily at its tables. This has peaked as high as 22,000. On average there's over 2,000 tables to choose from and this peaks at just shy of 5,000 - so you'll always be sure of a game. Generally, you'll find 10,000 players online at 10am in the morning, peaking at over 15,000 come noon. Players fall off as the day goes on with the online population at a meagre 3,000 at 10pm. You can multiply each of those figures by 25% to get Sunday figures.

Available games

Coral offers cash games from 1c/2c up to $300/$600. Currency-wise you can choose between £, € or $. As well as offering Hold’em (Limit and NL), you can play Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 5/7 Card Stud.

Anonymous tables: Your HEM or Pokertracker won't be much use to you here. At the anonymous tables your username isn't shown so you can spew off in relative peace without anyone labelling you a fish. It's only available for limits 20nl-100nl and you won't always get a decent game. HeadsUp games run pretty much 24 hours a day, but you'll struggle to 3/4 table most of the time.

Beginner Tables: From 2nl-200nl, you'll find a host of tables here. Players are scarce at the higher levels, but there's dozens of 2nl-4nl grinders here. You can only play here within the first three months of opening your account. It's worth noting that just because the tables are labelled as ‘Beginner’ it doesn't necessarily mean the players are bad. There are usually players bouncing around from skin to skin clearing bonuses.

Speed Poker: Coral offers 5nl-200nl games for the speed freaks among us. Play up to 10 tables at each level and average up to 150 hands p/h per table. If you don’t like your hand then you can Quickfold and get moved to another table and see if you prefer that one.

Shallow Tables: These are for shortstackers and players with smaller bankrolls. The buy-in is between 20 and 50 big blinds.

Ante Tables: The buy-in at the ante tables is between 100-200 big blinds. There are antes in play in every hand which means there is more incentive to steal the blinds. You'll find less rocks at these tables but you may also find more sophisticated and advanced players too.

You'll never be short of a game at any limits on Coral. It can sometimes be harder to find some nosebleed action, but when the games get going they are really juicy.

If Sit’n’Gos (SnGs) are your thing, all limits are catered for from CPs (player points) up to $5,000 buy-ins. Microstakes players can play 2c flips, 11c SnGs up to $2 DirtyDozen Jackpot SnGs. Win 4 of these DirtyDozen SnGs in a row and scoop $2k.

There's every level in between 11c and $5,000. If you fancy a shot at one of those Jackpot SnGs, but $2 doesn't float your boat, then you can play $5, $20 or $50. It gets harder though. Win 5 x $5 in a row to scoop $33,000. Win 6 x $20 in a row to win $55,000. Win 6 x $50 jackpot SnGs in a row and scoop $102,500.

Rake on these are more than normal SnGs and expect all of your games to be scrutinised by security because for every one person that wins fair and square, there's 10 others that colluded.

They also have Late Reg SnGs available. Strange concept if you ask me, but these games run once they reach 9, 18, 45 or whatever number of players, and then there's six levels of late reg available. 18 player SnGs now have up to 100 players.
Away from SnGs, MTTs run 24 hours a day. Available to you are their freeroll or Points games, or if you find a fiver down the back of the sofa, satellites start at 5c with regular MTTs from 50c right up to their biggest weekly buy-in game, the $530 - $40k Highroller.

Some of the biggest weekly guaranteed games on Coral are the $215 - $200k Sunday game, the $109r - $50k Friday game, the $109r - $50k Super Tuesday or if Omaha is your thing, they have a decent $109 - $5k deepstack freezeout game on a Monday. SnG and MTT sats run almost daily for all of these games.

Other notable big buy-in games are the $320 - $15k Doublestack, $215 - $25k Sunday Masters and $109 - $30k. These games will offer you a 5k-10k starting stack with longer blind levels as opposed to their normal 1500-3k stack shorter structure games.

If you don't have deep pockets, there's still a chance to win some nice money for a relatively small amount. $1r - $1k gtd, $2r - $4k gtd, $3r - $4k gtd, €5r - €5k gtd (yes, they have both $$ and €€ games). If you're happy enough to play $10+ games, then you're also spoiled for choice with €10r - €10k gtd, $10r - $12.5k gtd, €10r - €15k gtd plus a lot more above that level. $30r and $50r games with up to $20k guaranteed available daily means whatever time or limits available there'll be a game available to you.

Coral also runs tons and tons of satellites to live games from Ireland to England to France to the Caribbean, so you'll be able to qualify for all of these for less than a cup of coffee.

Coral has just introduced Re-Entry games because there were overlays appearing on some of the popular games, most notably their $50 - $10k freezeout. Rather than reduce the guarantee, Coral went down the re-entry route and it seems to be helping. It currently has it in around 10 games daily so will be interesting to see how it pans out over time. Coral also sneaked in some multi-entry games but has limited those to the smallest buy-ins first.

Overall, whether it's Cash, SnG or MTT, it's easy to find what you want with Coral’s customised filter, the option to save favourite games and the Quick Seat option.

First Deposit Offer

New depositors to Coral poker will be met with a very generous bonus. Your first deposit will be matched with a bonus worth 100% of your deposit up to £200. This does looks small in comparison to some of the four figure bonuses available on some of the other skins. While this is true, this offer is more than enough for what players can realistically earn during their ninety days they are given to clear the bonus.

While clearing this bonus, players are essentially earning a rebate of 29.66% on their rake paid. This is what makes Coral’s offer one of the most attractive on the iPoker platform. With having ninety days to clear the bonus, it really gives the player a realistic target in earning the 12,000 Status Points required to clear the full bonus.

In addition to the above, there are thirty  nightly new player freerolls with £50 prizepools. In the first fourteen days after depositing you can also make use of €25 worth of free tournament tokens.

Player Loyalty

Coral have recently launched a new loyalty scheme. It is a very simplistic system which I love. The system has six tiers to it with your return ranging from 16% right up to 30%. Coral along with some other iPoker skins have made this transition to loyalty schemes that allow you to cash in your points for cash easily. I have outlined below each of the levels, the requirment to make it to that level and the rewards you will receive once you do.

Level 1 - This is the entry level of the programme. A player will only ever remain at this level if they don't play any real money poker in a given month. With that being said we won't worry about the return you get on your money here!

Level 2 - Just one point per month is required to make the step up to Level 2. All players that play any bit of real money poker will reach this level at a minimum. At this level you receive a 16% rakeback.

Level 3 - Thre third step up the ladder is of course Level 3. Again even the most recreational of players should be hitting this level with ease. It takes paying just $5 in rake over the course of a month to earn the 50 points required to reach the level. For doing so you will earn a very healthy 21% rakeback.

Level 4 - We are now entering the higher levels of the scheme. In order to become a Level 4 player you will need to earn 500 points or pay $50 in rake or tournament fees per month. Of course for putting in this extra effort you will be rewarded with your rakeback increasing to 25%.

Level 5 - The jumps are becoming tougher again as we enter Level 5 of the programme. The task here is to earn 2,500 points per month. This is the equivalent of paying $250 in rake per month. It will take a lot of poker play to earn this amount of points. The rewards here is a 27% rakeback.

Level 6 - The peak of Coral's system is Level 6. Althout it doesn't sound quite as cool when bragging to your friends as saying you're a Supernova Elite or Legend player, you are still being excellently rewarded with a 30% rakeback. This does not come easy however. To achieve this you will need to pay $500 in rake every month to earn the 5,000 points required.

As well as the rewards mentioned above there are also some freerolls available to players. Level 2 or above get to play a £25 freeroll every Tuesday. Level 4 or above get to play a £100 freeroll every Wednesday. Level 6 players get to play a £375 freeroll every Thursday!

Exclusive games

Coral also offers £5 winner-take-all freerolls on the hour every hour. It has a 20CPs £50 Super Turbo Daily game, and a Super Sunday Freeroll where the winner will get £50 for every goal scored in their chosen game for that day. There are lots of options here for the busto among us, so there will always be reason to go back to Coral.

Great Support

Coral Poker offers 24 hour a day, 7 days a week customer support. They are Freephone from within the UK, but also have a contact number for ringing outside of the UK. You can also email them through [email protected] or access live chat support through their poker client.

The only thing is that 24 hours a day doesn't really mean 24 hours a day. Their services operate from 8:30- 22:45, 7 days a week. Their live chat option is currently from 10:00-22:00 7 days a week.

Are there any Downsides?

I find the three things below a little bit annoying. Remember these are network-wide issues though so unless iPoker change things you'll find the same thing on all skins.

When playing MTTs and you move table, the lobby pops up every time and the screen freezes for a second or two. Can be a nightmare when multitabling.

You're only able to qualify for a tournament once, so can't keep trying for tournament dollars or get a ticket to play another day.

Lots of bumhunters at HU cash tables.


Coral is one of my top five poker sites to play. It satisfies all my needs for playing 30+ MTTs a day. The player pool is big with plenty of value and every new update fixes a couple of bugs.

You can look past one or two small things when there's so much value to be had. Coral offers lots of bonus offers and looks after its players with fast deposits and withdrawals.

For newcomers the webpage is clearly laid out, with all bonuses and offers right in front of you, and you're just a single click away from any other info you need.

If this this skin doesn't interest you, check out our Top Ten iPoker Skins!

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