Mansion Poker Review

Mansion Poker is one of the top skins on the iPoker Network. Established online in 2004, Mansion Poker is licensed and regulated in Gibraltar, which permits the poker site to offer real money poker action to players all over the world, except the US at this time.

Mansion started out as an independent poker room, but recently joined forces with the iPoker network to provide players with increased game options and player traffic. Mansion affords its players the opportunity to play poker in 10 different languages.

In addition to poker, Mansion also provides favourite casino games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, baccarat and video poker. If you prefer sportsbetting, the Mansion Sportsbook allows you to place online wagers on football and thousands of other live sports contests.

Mansion’s poker, casino and sportsbetting services can all be accessed through

Mansion Poker Deposit Bonus & Clearance Rate

If you are looking for one of the biggest deposit bonuses in online poker, Mansion Poker offers a 200% sign-up bonus up to $2,000. By depositing $1,000 and taking advantage of the first deposit sign-up bonus, you can earn $2,000 just by playing poker at Mansion Poker.

The bonus will be released to your account in increments of $5 for every 500 Mansion points earned. The bonus is valid for a 30-day period, so that means a whole month to clear the huge deposit bonus.

The speed in which you are able to clear the $2,000 deposit bonus in the 30-day period following your first deposit is dependent upon the levels that you choose to play and the amount of rake you generate.

For instance, if you play at a lower level where the rake of each dealt hand is typically in the $1.01 to $1.25 range, it would take about 33,333 dealt hands in which you participated to rack up the Mansion points and clear the bonus. That works out to approximately 1,111 hands each over the 30 days.

However, if you are more of a high roller who plays at tables where the rake generated at each dealt hand is in the $3.01 to $5 range, you can clear the $2,000 bonus in only about 9,523 hands, or about 318 dealt hands per day.

In addition to the large first deposit bonus of 200% up to $2,000, new Mansion players will also receive an entry in to a $50 freeroll, two entries in to $1,500 tourney ticket freerolls and two entries in to $2,500 freerolls.

Mansion Poker Loyalty Program

Mansion Poker features a superb loyalty reward program that treats every Mansion player as a VIP. There are now eight different VIP levels offered at Mansion and the level you achieve is based on how much poker you play.

Players start from scratch and achieve the Rookie level at only 250 points earned. The levels progress at 1,000, 2,000 and 8,000 points through the Hotshot, Club and Pro ranks respectively. If you’re a serious poker player, Elite status can be reached at 20,000 VIP points, followed by Platinum VIP at 50,000 accumulated points. The ultimate VIP level at Mansion is the Diamond player, who racks up 100,000 points in a month.

In addition to earning the necessary player points, Mansion Poker offers a unique monthly point-boosting format that also climbs higher at each level and awards its loyal players with additional points.

For example, the boosting rate at the Pro level is 150%, meaning that if you acquire the monthly 8,000 points to achieve Pro level status, Mansion Poker will boost your points total to 12,000 poker points. If you maintain the Pro level in the following month, your poker points total will again be boosted by 150%, another 12,000 points.

The boosting percentages begin at 15% at the Rookie level, progressing to 30%, 50% and 150% through the Hotshot, Club and Pro VIP levels respectively. Acquiring Elite status will further boost your player points by 250%, followed by whopping boost totals at 400% for Platinum ranking and 450% for the top-tiered Diamond VIP player.

The impressive monthly totals are not the only point boosts available in the Mansion loyalty program. Mansion Poker also rewards players who maintain their VIP status with three-month and six-month boosts in points. For instance, a Pro ranked player will receive 30,000 additional player points by maintaining that status for a three-month period and even more for a six-month period.

Mansion Poker points can be earned in both tournament and cash money games. For every $1 spent in tournament fees, 20 Mansion points will be credited to your account. When you play ring or cash poker games Mansion poker points are earned in accordance with the rake distribution of each hand that you participate in.

The points awarded vary by the amount of rake, starting with 0.3 points earned at a micro-stake level in which the rake taken from the pot is $.01 to $.09. You will receive six Mansion poker points in a raked hand ranging from $1.01 to $1.25. And if you play at higher stakes where the rakes are larger, such as a dealt hand that garners a rake in the range of $3.01 to $5, your account will be credited with 21 Mansion poker points.

Based on Mansion Poker’s points system, you can achieve Mansion Poker’s Pro-ranked status in only 728 dealt hands that you participated in that generated a rake in the $2.01 to $2.25 range in a month’s time. Keep that progress up and you can quickly move on to Elite or even Platinum VIP player status.

Redeeming Mansion Poker VIP Points

Players earn VIP points just by playing poker at Mansion Poker, win or lose. Your accumulated player points can be exchanged for gifts, poker tournament tickets or cash bonuses in the Club Mansion Shop. Take your pick from a huge assortment of games, books and clothing to larger items such as bicycles and cars.

Cash is also available as just 8,000 points can be exchanged for $10. At 35,000 Mansion points, you will earn $50 and 250,000 points can be redeemed for $500. If you normally play at cash tables that rake between $1.26 and $1.50 of each pot, you will earn enough Mansion points to redeem $50 by playing in only 5,000 hands.

That’s not even including monthly boosting point totals, which will allow you to redeem points for cash much sooner. With cash bonuses like this, you can’t afford not to play at Mansion Poker.

The bonus money will be deposited directly into your Mansion account within 72 hours of your request in the Club Mansion Shop.

Is Mansion Poker a Good Choice of iPoker Skins?

Featuring exceptional online poker software, increased player traffic as part of the iPoker Network, a wide variety of loyalty rewards and promotions including cash bonuses, and a hefty 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000, Mansion Poker is an outstanding choice for playing online poker.

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